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Thursday, 11 August 2011


I want to let you know about two blogs I currently follow:  Fat Free Vegan and Gluten Free Goddess. These are two very talented ladies who create the most delicious recipes...and where I regularly go for inspiration.

That said, I also wanted to talk about another inspiration...Shiritaki Noodles!
I am so happy to have found these. As a long-time pasta lover, I have tried many alternatives to the pasta I had become accustomed to, with mixed results. However, the Shiritaki...I love love love it!! I can currently purchase angel hair, spaghetti, and fettucini types, so that is what I will be experimenting with. Once I have a wee bit more time (and skill) I will add recipes to the blog, so that you can try recipes yourself and let me know how it goes.

Anyway, the Shiritaki...the brand I buy has about 40 calories for the whole package...and are very low in fat but high in fibre. Usually, when others have pasta and sauce, I have spaghetti squash and sauce...not a problem, I love spaghetti squash. But the Shiritaki opens a whole new door for me. So far, I have made a Pho style soup with them, chow mein, as well as the typical noodle and sauce recipes. The Shiritaki noodle is tasteless on its own, and readily picks up the flavors of whatever you choose to cook them with.  I should also tell you though, that when you first open the package, the smell is a bit off-putting, kind of fishy. Don't let this dissuade you...simply rinse well, boil for about a minute and voila...no more smell!!

While visiting Fat Free Vegan this morning, I saw a recipe for stuffed baby eggplant. I have to admit, I am drawn to these beautiful, shiny purple veggies. I tried to make eggplant parmesan many years ago, and neither it nor I were popular following that effort....but I am ready to try again. I absolutely love Baba Ghanoush, so really, isn't it possible that I would also adore the eggplant? Even if I only learn how to make Baba Ghanoush, I would be happy (and full).  Probably the best way for me to just jump in and make something is if I purchase some eggplant at the farmer's stall. Being one who doesn't like to waste, I would then happily browse recipes and find one that would catch my fancy. Hmm...the weekend is coming.

I will definitely be trying Karina's (Gluten Free Goddess) tapenade recipe....thank you for posting from your archives!! And I am thinking, if there are baby eggplants available, I may try Susan's (Fat Free Vegan) stuffed eggplant on not so dirty rice recipe.  I also have a huge craving for Dukhobour style borcht...I use the word "style" here because I don't use nearly the fat the original borcht recipe I was given years ago calls for. One lady I knew back in the day would say "you don't like it right" when I would explain that I like no fat yogurt instead of the crean/sour cream.... Well, I like it right for me!!

Speaking of Baba Ghanoush....the very first time I ordered this, I had no idea what it was. I only knew it came with pita and veggies for dipping, so I figured it would have to be good. In addition, I was with a group of hungry students in the grad lounge, so I figured if I didn't like it, they would help eat it...I don't like to waste food!  The real reason I ordered it though, is that once I figured out how, Baba Ghanoush was really fun to say....and I have been a fan ever since! Just a wee story....

I noticed yesterday that the yellow summer squash is arriving...and it was both abundant and beautifully glowing...it beckons as well.  Sometimes I just want to try everything and I have to pull back just a little. Even I don't have an unlimited appetite...although I was called a pitless, bottomless, garbage can by some less than kind family members growing up. How's that for a grand connection with some of my food issues...But I am in charge now, thank you very much. I am fully committed to getting the "garbage" out of my diet.

Speaking of garbage, I am now focussed on removing the "whites"...white sugar, white rice, white bread...the bread is gone, the sugar is for the hummingbirds, and the white rice is gone (to be replenished by brown). I wonder if I should even be feeding the white sugar to the hummingbirds? Any ideas? Anyone?

Well, until next time....wishing you good Goddess health!!

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